Our Business Branding business as well as as a holding company Management guidance for group companies ■ Corporate branding
■ Planning and branding of tourism strategies of national and local governments
■ Branding of universities and educational institutions
■ Management guidance to group companies
■ Investment in new businesses and business development

Our company Subsidiaries / sub-subsidiaries business Advisory and investment business ■ M & A advisory business
■ Business succession support business
■ Financing support
■ Investment business

Marketing & Regional Revitalization Business and Intermediate holding company ■ Marketing business
■ Regional Revitalization Support Project
■ Advertising and Media Business
■ Corporate CSR activities and events support business
■ Inbound / Outbound Support Project

Marketing/Apparel business ■ Management of resale fashion shop for women
■ Sale of interior goods and interior decorations
■ Women marketing support
■ Planning and operation of EC site

Outbound support business ■ Trade, import/export business
■ Outbound support project
■ Overseas business meetings and exhibitions
■ Overseas PR and advertising support business
■ Inbound consulting business

Architectural design and space production business ■ Architecture / Design
■ Commercial Design / Product Design
■ Space design
■ Marketing and information distribution on architecture

Medical business iPS cell research ■ Research on advanced medical treatment using iPS cells
■ Research on regenerative medicine and cell therapy
■ Establishment of animal iPS cells and development of cell culture media
■ Contract research and development
■ Human and animal iPS cell bank and cell bank management

Animal hospital business ■ Animal hospital management
■ Operation of Advanced Veterinary Medical Center and Training Center
■ Research and supply of regenerative veterinary medicine and advanced veterinary medicine
■ Animal iPS cell research and cell bank business
■ Development and provision of telemedicine systems
■ Information provision services and drug / medical services related to the management of animal hospitals. Planning and operation of a joint purchasing site for equipment