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  • 2020.04.01 Julien Giry, who used to be a Director of COOL JAPAN ASSOCIATION has become a Representative Director and Chairman of the organization.
  • 2020.03.01 Our subsidiary, TARGET in, which is in charge of consulting and investment has changed its names to GX Partners corporation and Minto Nakajima has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer.
  • 2020.02.28 Our subsidiary, TARGET HOLDINGS inc has moved its headquarters to Setouchi city in Kagoshima prefecture which the company works with to revitalize the region. The office is named “Setouchi IT BASE”.
    Also, our other subsidiary National Tourism inc will be creating a brach in “Setouchi IT BASE”.
    Last but not least is that we will be opening an inn in Yoro island with the concept of feel the cool Japan with the collaboration of COOL JAPAN ASSOCIATION. Here you wills rounded by many of the products warded of COOL JAPAN PRIZE.

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    Nankai Nippon newspaper, Amami newspaper, Minami Nihon newspaper, Kagoshima Keizai newspaper, Nishi Nihon newspaper, Asahi newspaper, excite
  • 2020.01.21 Start of the COOL JAPAN AWARD 2019 New York exhibition, organized and managed by our subsidiary TARGET Co. Please come visit us at Cool Japan New York Brooklyn K's Gallery by GETTI (300 7th street Brooklyn, New York 11215) More detail
  • 2020.01.08 Start of the COOL JAPAN AWARD 2019 Paris exhibition (main organizer: Cool Japan Association), organized and managed by our subsidiary company TARGET Co. Please come visit us at Espace Japon(12 Rue de Nancy, 75010 Paris), until the 18th of January.
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  • 2019.12.01 We had moved our head office to 1-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and our previous Aoyama head office is now used as an office for our holdings group. Our subsidiary TARGET Co. had changed its name to TARGET HOLDINGS Co.(Head office: Kagoshima Prefecture) and is in charge of marketing & regional revitalization of our holdings group. In regards to this, advisory and investment are now operated by TARGET Co., owned entirely by GETTI Inc.
  • 2019.10.01 We had held a Capital alliance with Taiyodo Co. to support COOL JAPAN AWARD to reach global consumers.
  • 2019.09.01 Our subsidiary, TARGET Co. had moved its head office to Amami Oshima / Setouchi Town, which they have the Regional Activation Cooperation Agreement with.
  • 2019.08.04 In the support of helping COOL JAPAN AWARD winner to reach international consumers, we had prepared permanent exhibition facility in New York Brooklyn K's Gallery by GETTI(300 7th Street Brooklyn NY 11215)
  • 2019.07.30 Our subsidiary TARGET Co.’s company, The Japan Project Co., Remote Island Activity Tourism Co., and ERWW Co., are merged together. In the future, ERWW will be changed to “The Japan Project Co.” and is in operation of inbound & tourism support, spatial professional use, and media service development.
  • 2019.07.01 Our subsidiary TARGET Co. acquired a local travel agency in Lake Mashu area of Akan Mashu National park.
  • 2019.05.27 The 3rd Cool Japan Awards 2019 (sponsored by Cool Japan Council) was held at the Kyoto Imperial Palace Gaien, formerly the Kakuin Imperial Villa and the former Kujo Family Josui Tei.
  • 2019.03.31 The JapanProject renovated the former post office manager Naganobu’s privet house in Yoroshima, the southernmost remote island of Amami Oshima, owned by our subsidiary TARGET.
  • 2019.03.01 <Cool Japan Award 2019> has been decided to be held in Kyoto Imperial Palace.
  • 2019.02.10 We have been commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment [Survey on information dissemination of Shinjuku Gyoen].
  • 2019.01.13 Mr. Kent Yamauchi, formerly the Ministry of Finance's Finance Bureau and a representative director of Cool Japan Council, has been appointed as a director of the Company.
  • 2019.01.01 A former architect and curator, former Takeshi Naotake Maeda of the Mori Art Museum, has been appointed as a director of The Company's grandchild company, TheJapanProject Inc.
  • 2018.11.01 TARGET, a subsidiary of the Company, has entered into a regional revitalization comprehensive partnership agreement with Amami Oshima and Setouchi Town. As the first step, the co-working space “Amami Setouchi IT @ BASE” has been decided with the aim of creating business opportunities utilizing IT, supporting entrepreneurship, providing IT-related education, and attracting companies to the town. In addition, we will promote the inbound promotion business by establishing councils with local people, mainly on the southernmost inhabited island of Setouchi, Yojijima.
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  • 2018.10.01 Elms United Veterinary Hospital Group, a medical business group of the Company, has opened its 12th hospital, the United Nara Ayameike Animal Hospital, in Nara City, Nara Prefecture.
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  • 2018.09.01 Elms United Veterinary Hospital Group, a medical business group of the Company, has opened its 11th hospital, “Sendai Izumi Animal Hospital” in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.
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  • 2018.08.01 Atsushi Matsuoka, a first-class architect, has been appointed as Vice President and Representative Director of 56 Sekkeisha Co., Ltd., which designs and produces space.
  • 2018.08.01 Noriyoshi Ikeshima, our advisor, has been appointed as an outside director of the Company.
  • 2018.07.31 TARGET Co., Ltd., a marketing subsidiary, has acquired a 100% stake in Taigris Co., Ltd., an apparel business.
  • 2018.07.04 From the Ministry of the Environment, we have been commissioned to conduct research and refinement of activities in national parks from a "foreigner's perspective" in inbound policies and national park enjoyment projects.
  • 2018.06.06 TARGET Co., Ltd., a subsidiary that develops marketing and regional revitalization businesses, has renovated an old private house purchased on the remote island and Yojishima of Setouchi town on Amami Oshima and is developing a guesthouse business where you can experience farming. Has been adopted as a target of the Farm Stay Promotion Grant. We will establish a Setouchi Farm Stay Promotion Council with local people and develop public relations promotion measures.
  • 2018.05.10 TARGET Co. a subsidiary that conducts marketing and regional revitalization business, has established TheJapanProject Co., which provides development of local attractions and support for the development and operation of tourism activities.
  • 2018.04.01 Yuichi Ino, chairman of the Save the RED LIST Project, an endeavor to protect and protect endangered species, has been appointed as the president of Elms United Animal Hospital Group, a grandchild company in the medical business.
  • 2018.03.29 Subsidiary TARGET Co. has participated in and accepted the Shinshu Campaign Executive Committee (Secretariat: Nagano Prefectural Tourism Department) 's public offering proposal for the “Shinshu DC Official Website” web promotion implementation business outsourcing contract.
  • 2018.03.20 TARGET Co. a subsidiary, has decided to increase its capital to expand its business.
  • 2018.02.10 The New York Exhibition (COOL JAPAN JAPAN NY Brooklyn K's Gallery) of Cool Japan Award 2017 (organized by Cool Japan Association), planned and operated by TARGET, a subsidiary, has started today.
  • 2018.02.01 The Shinshu Campaign Executive Committee (Secretariat: Nagano Prefecture Tourism Department) has commissioned the “Shinshu 10 Area Attractive Development Project”. We will produce product development for hands-on activities in 10 areas in Nagano Prefecture.
  • 2017.12.04 The Ministry of the Environment's “2017 National Park Enjoyment Project” symposium, “Japan's National Parks to the World: The Future of National Park Enjoyment Projects,” in which the subsidiary TARGET participates as a team, was held.
  • 2017.11.25 The 2nd "COOL JAPAN AWARD 2017" (sponsored by Cool Japan Council, sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Tourism Agency) has been selected for 26 awards, and in cooperation with Hanyu City, An awards ceremony and exhibition was held at "World Character Summit in Hanyu". Click here for details
  • 2017.10.20 We participated in a publicly offered proposal for “Digital marketing research” by the Nagano Prefecture Tourism Organization and accepted it.
  • 2017.09.12 Subsidiary TARGET participated as a team and participated in the general competitive bidding of the Ministry of the Environment's “2017 National Park Enjoyment Project Development Project Implementation Business” and made a successful bid.
  • 2017.09.04 TARGET Co., a marketing and consulting subsidiary, has made 5L Entertainment Inc. (5L) a wholly-owned subsidiary through a share exchange through its own shares. As a result, new companies such as Sangyo Keizai Shimbun, Kagawa Securities, ibis Capital Partners, and others have become new shareholders of TARGET. In the future, the Cool Japan Awards (sponsored by the Ministry of Industry) and the Japanese tourist information Nippon Biyori (sponsored by the Japan Tourism Agency) will be developed as new TARGET businesses.
  • 2017.08.18 The award ceremony of "COOL JAPAN AWARD 2017" aiming to discover and certify "Cool Japan" that the world sympathizes with and contribute to Japan's strong growth is "World Character Summit in Hanyu" in cooperation with Hanyu City It has been decided to be held in.
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  • 2017.07.18 The Elms United Veterinary Hospital Group, which runs nine hospitals ranked fifth in the number of national hospitals, launched the “Save The REDLIST Project” as a CSR activity in the form of an executive committee to protect and protect endangered species. The Living Things Photo Exhibition will be held in Kobe, Hokkaido, and Tokyo from July 19 to September 3 with the support of the Ministry of the Environment.
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  • 2017.06.01 Undertaken a capital increase of 56 Sekkensha Co. (a representative of Goro Isohisa, a first-class architect), which performs architectural design, space professional use, and product design.
  • 2017.05.21 We have opened a base in New York, USA, to strengthen cooperation with the business of Group companies for North America.
  • 2017.04.25 “Wonderful Japanese things to the world! “ is the motto of ”Cool Japan Award" (sponsored by Cool Japan Association) sponsored a PR exhibition project for North America, a”t COOL JAPAN Brooklyn K's Gallery By TARGET" Brooklyn, NY (300-302 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215 USA); subsidiary TARGET Co.
  • 2017.04.01 OneMedicine, OneHealth Center in Kobe Medical Special Zone Co. participated in a donation course at Keio University School of Medicine and started joint research on iPS cells.
    Keio University School of Medicine
  • 2017.03.11 Established TheJapanProject, a marketing and inbound and outbound support business, at TARGET Co. a consulting business at a subsidiary, and Sven Palys (Chairman of the Cool Japan Association, Japan) Paris) and Vice-Chairman Kaz Yoneda have joined the Board of Directors.
  • 2017.01.01 Goro Isohisa, a first-class architect who is the representative director of 56 Sekkeisha Co. which operates the architectural design business of the Group, has been appointed as a director of the Company.
  • 2016.12.8 We entered the medical business on the occasion of our 30th anniversary.
    Acquired the shares of OneMedicine, OneHealth Center in Kobe Medical Special Zone Co., which conducts joint research on iPS cells with the University of Tokyo Hospital, and made it a wholly-owned subsidiary.
  • 2016.11.11 56 Sekkeisha Co. which designs and produces space moves its head office to Kamigyo-Ku, Kyoto.
  • 2016.10.18 Acquired all shares of Tigris Co., Ltd., making it a wholly-owned subsidiary.
  • 2016.03.15 United Animal Hospital Co. merged with First Rice Field Co., Ltd., which operates Elms Animal Medical Center, and changed its name to Elms United Animal Hospital Group.
  • 2016.03.01 Established United Veterinary Hospital Co. as a subsidiary of One Medicine, One Health Center in Kobe Medical Special Zone Co. aiming at animal iPS cell research and future clinical practice.
  • 2016.02.22 Our company name has been changed to GETTI.
  • 2016.02.01 One Medicine, One Health Center in Kobe Medical Special Zone Co. has started joint research with the University of Tokyo Hospital, such as [cancer cell iPS cell conversion].
  • 2015.08.10 Established One Medicine, One Health Center in Kobe Medical Special Zone Co., Ltd. as an operating company of the Medical Business Division of the Group.
  • 2015.08.05 Participated in the establishment of 56 Sekkeisha Co. a company that performs architectural design, space professional use and product design (representative: Goro Isohisa, first-class architect), and acquired a 20% stake.
  • 2015.06.27 Since the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, the group has been working on the “COOL JAPAN AWARD 2015”, a program to show the “good things of Japan” to the world, hosted by the Cool Japan Association.
    A mix and 20 foreign judges awarded 18 "COOL JAPAN", which were selected from 119 candidates from an international perspective.

    An article related to "COOL JAPAN AWARD 2015" was published in the following newspaper.
    Kyoto Shimbun
    Prefectural Fukui
    Fukui newspaper
  • 2014.12.25 GETTIGROUP Co. and Getty Co. were merged by the reorganization of the group in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of 2016, and Getty Group Holdings Co., (URL: www.getti.net) ). In this merger, we will work to expand our business and expand our earnings base by maximizing integration synergies.
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